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Who is Prismatik?
How we work together
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Prismatik is a one person business so you get personal attention and no communication break-downs due to passing your ideas on to third parties. 'Personal' means no 'boiler-plate' sites. The design is whatever suits YOU and delivers YOUR message to your targeted viewers.

The way we work together

To begin the process, you and I either meet, talk on the phone or exchange emails to discuss what you want. I will undoubtedly ask pointed questions (a carry-over from my years as a management consultant) to better focus on the goals you have for your site and the style and tone you prefer. I may ask you to give me details of any sites you have seen that you liked for a particular reason.

You will then provide me with text that you want included plus any predesigned graphics, e.g., your company logo, and photos you have and I will begin. The best way to provide me with the above is via email, but if you prefer hard copies, I can scan your photos, copy your graphics and enter the text myself (though the latter adds time better spent 'creating'.)

Animations, sound clips, photo slideshows, graphs, and custom graphics can all be included. My one bias is that they should only be used if they actually enhance your message (and don't annoy the viewer)!  Keep in mind also that the iphone does not display Flash. While a static image will replace the animation, there will still be a Flash 'badge' with a statement that 'this site uses Flash' visible on the site. This does effect the esthetics of the design on the iphone. Having said that, many, many sites have Flash animations, and iphone users are used to seeing this.

As your site develops, I will post it on my personal site so that you can preview it, make comments or suggestions, and eventually give me final approval to upload it to your own site. Your involvement in this way throughout the process ensures you get what you want.

I work fast, and do not limit my working time to 'business hours', so you will get results quickly, and we can communicate at whatever time suits you. (I work with clients in many parts of the world, so that time zones are not a barrier.)

If you need a domain name ( and/or a place to 'hold' your site (web host), I can handle that for you. Currently you can get a name for $ 10 to $15 a year and web hosting for a simple site (such as this one) can be had for around $50/year. Therefore, in addition to the cost of your website creation, you can be 'live on the web' for as little as $65 a year.


After our first meeting or set of discussions, which are free, the time working on your site is charged on an hourly basis. I do not charge for any time spent communicating with you via phone, email or fax or for my own research should you want something I need to learn more about -- web technology is continually advancing and this is all part of my own education. I can generally give you an estimate of total cost, but be aware that significant changes on your part after work has begun will run up your bill!

I will bill you for half of the estimated cost when the 'first pass' at your site is completed and you have seen it. The remainder will be payable when it is ready for posting on your server. In the event of large, longterm projects, or site maintenance, monthly billing for time spent will be instituted. In the case of long projects - well, some clients take 'a while' to get all their material together - I will invoice you monthly for work actually performed. Minimum charge for site maintenance is for a half hour's work. Clients in the U.K. may pay in Sterling.

Finally, you get two months' FREE site updates once your new site is launched.

My background

During many years as a training and development consultant mostly based in London, I developed a 'side business' that would employ both my artistic and 'techie' sides. Over the years I evolved from producing paper-based graphic services to publishing on the web. Now, living in San Francisco, it is my principal business. My experience working with many types of businesses and organizations, in many parts of the world, and my knowledge of marketing serve to add value to the technical skills I have developed, so that I can understand your content, make appropriate suggestions and work in partnership with you to give you the best result.


I will be happy to direct you to current sites I am working on or have just completed. Please click 'projects' from my home page to see screenshots of several prismatik sites, all of which are links to the actual site.